Yanmar 6LP Intercooler Standard Service

Yanmar 6LP Intercooler Standard Service


Optimize your Yanmar engine's performance with our comprehensive standard service for the intercooler. From meticulous dismantling to precision pressure testing, we ensure peak efficiency and reliability for your engine's vital cooling component.

  1. Dismantling and Core Removal: Commence the standard service by carefully dismantling the covers of the intercooler and removing the core. This step allows for thorough access to each component for cleaning and inspection.

  2. Chemical Cleaning for Maximum Efficiency: Employ advanced chemical cleaning techniques to thoroughly clean the core and all other parts of the intercooler. This process eliminates contaminants and deposits, optimizing heat transfer efficiency for enhanced engine performance.

  3. Inspection for Corrosion and Damages: Conduct a detailed inspection of the core and other parts for corrosion on sealing surfaces and general damages on the shell and covers. This critical assessment ensures structural integrity and prevents potential performance issues.

  4. Zinc Fabrication for Enhanced Protection: Fabricate new zincs for the covers to provide enhanced protection against corrosion. This proactive measure safeguards the intercooler's longevity and reliability in challenging operating conditions.

  5. Reassembly with New O-Rings: Reassemble the core to the shell, replacing all old o-rings with new ones to ensure a secure and leak-free seal. This meticulous step prevents coolant leakage and maintains optimal cooling efficiency.

  6. Pressure Testing for Leak Prevention: After reassembly, subject the intercooler to rigorous pressure testing to detect any possible leakages in the core, shell, or covers. This final step ensures the integrity of the cooling system and safeguards against potential performance issues.

Conclusion: With our standard service for the Yanmar engine intercooler, you can trust in enhanced engine efficiency and reliability. From thorough cleaning and inspection to meticulous reassembly and pressure testing, we prioritize the longevity and performance of your engine's cooling system, ensuring consistent and reliable operation in demanding conditions.