Mechanical Workshop

Mechanical Services

Specialized mechanical services of all types in the marine and industrial sector.

Mechanical Services

Our company specializes in mechanical services of all types, carrying out from the simplest to the most demanding projects in the marine and industrial sectors.

Our goal is immediate customer service, always combined with the quality of precision required, thus building a climate of trust and reliability.

We manufacture a variety of spare parts by selecting the appropriate materials from reliable suppliers in relation to the appropriate use of the material.


Presentation of the services we offer in the field of mechanical works.

If you are interested or have any questions, you can contact us via the information on our contact page.

Spare parts manufacturing in lathe
Spare Parts Manufacturing

Our company undertakes the manufacture of a variety of spare parts from any type of construction material. Having the appropriate and modern equipment, we manufacture each spare part with micrometric accuracy and very fast delivery time.

Shaft Manufacturing
Shaft Manufacturing

We manufacture and render the correct micrometric dimensions in a wide range of main shafts.

Horizontal Boring Services
Horizontal Boring Services

Through horizontal boring we can process and engrave a variety of components that can not be machined by a conventional lathe, giving the correct accuracy and dimensions.

Threading Manufacturing
Threadings Manufacturing O.D. / Ι.D.

We have the know-how to engrave any kind of thread in inner - outer diameter, as well as to repair worn and pulled threads, restoring their proper operation.

Spacing Bushes Manufacturing And Installation
Spacing Bushes Fabrication And Installation

We replace old and worn traction and retaining bushes with new ones, thus giving the right micrometer dimensions you need.

We undertake their installation, having the appropriate hydraulic pressure equipment for their fitting on the bodies of your machines.

Mechanical seal reconditioning
Recondition Of O'ring / Gasket Seal Sheets

We recondition worn and corroded O'ring / Gasket seal sheets, restoring the original dimensions of the manufacturer through machining.

Bearing housing repairs
Bearing Housing Repairs

We locate and repair the wear and ovality in the caps and housings of bearings, by retreading or applying a sleeve, restoring the initial dimensions needed for the correct operation of the bearings.

Lathe machine applications
Big Parts Machining

Through our equipment, we have the ability to process components up to 5 meters long and a maximum width of 1 meter.

Cylinder head position repair
Cylinder Head Valve Seat Machining

Through Valve seat machining, we restore the seat-valve contact surface, as well as eliminate the ovality from the positions of cooled seats, which have been corroded.

In this way, we restore the correct dimensions for the installation and sealing of the seat.