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Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

Specialized constructions and repairs of heat exchangers with 40 years of experience.

Heat Exchangers

Our company specializes in the manufacture of heat exchangers for 40 years, using European raw materials for the appropriate use.

Our experience in the field of repair of heat exchangers (tubular or gasket plate coolers), makes us one of the best choices in terms of quality, cost and delivery time.

The cleaning in the main areas of flow of liquids or gases in the shells, as well as in the coolers, are done with special chemicals friendly to the construction material.

In this way, the maximum possible quality of cleaning is achieved, in order to ensure the full amount of flow in the traffic areas.

Through hydraulic pressure tests, we detect and locate the sources of any leaks or diagnose the absolute seal of the heat exchanger.

Worn faces, leaks and corroded cells from time of use are not irreparable damage.

We recondition worn faces and corrosion on the bodies that cause leaks, restoring the original dimensions as well as the complete sealing.


Presentation of the services we offer in the field of heat exchangers.

If you are interested or have any questions, you can contact us via the information on our contact page.

Construction - Resuscitation of sea water / oil coolers
Heat Exchangers Manufacturing And Retubing

Our company carries out fabrication and retubing processes of tubular water and oil coolers, as well as H/T shells from certified European raw materials, delivering qualitative and long-life products.

Repair of ship engine coolers
Ship / Yacht Diesel Engine Heat Exchangers Service

We service and recondition ship/yacht diesel engine heat exchangers.

Indicative actions that are carried out:

  • Disassembly and general inspection
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Fabrication of new anodes
  • O'ring replacement
  • Replacement of seal gasket flanges
  • Hydraulic pressure test
Χημικός καθαρισμός εναλλάκτες θερμότητας
Heat Exchangers Cleaning Services

The cleaning of the coolers and the shells is done with special chemicals, friendly to the construction material and its properties, achieving the complete cleaning and restoring the correct flow of the fluid.

  • Chemical cleaning of tubular heat exchangers
  • Chemical cleaning of cellular exchangers
Repair of tubular ship coolers
Tube Sheets Recondition

We repair and restore the correct dimensions in order to achieve the correct sealing in the tube sheets of tubular coolers, in places where corrosion or wear exists.

  • Repair by soldering
  • Repair by silver welding
  • Hydraulic pressure test
Repair of ship engine shells
Shell Repairs

We repair cracks, distortions, corroded parts and pieces in alternator shells, restoring the correct dimensions of the manufacturer and their proper sealing.

  • Repair by soldering
  • Repair by silver welding
  • Cover through polyester pads
  • Cutting and welding of new pieces and sheets.
Restoration of sealing faces heat exchangers
Recondition Of O'ring / Gasket Seal Sheets

We recondition corroded contact and sealing faces, restoring the original dimensions of the manufacturer through machining.

Photo Gallery

Photographic material from internal and external heat exchangers projects.