Specialized diagnostic and repair services for all types of fluid transfer pumps with unbeatable quality.


Our company specializes in the repair of all types of fluid transfer pumps, delivering the highest quality services in the industry, thus having won the trust of our partners for many decades.

Our job is to correctly diagnose the faults in order to restore the proper and long-term operation of the pumps we receive.

The manufacture of spare parts is done exclusively by our company, using the appropriate materials and ensuring the correct application for each pump that we repair.

Damage to the contact and sliding faces of the impeller or main body is not an irreparable problem.

We repair the worn parts, restoring their original dimensions.

With applications of epoxy resin we cover and protect the bodies and impellers of the pumps from cavities and corrosion created by the chronic operation, while at the same time their efficiency is significantly enhanced.

Knowing the need to minimize downtime after an issue has occurred, our company is available to repair any possible problem at the best possible time.


Presentation of the services we offer in the field of pump repairs.

If you are interested or have any questions, you can contact us via the information on our contact page.

Repair of multi-stage factory water pump
Services At Your Site

We undertake the installation of new and used pumps in their operating positions.

In addition, we provide maintenance, inspection and damage detection services for pumps as well as valves or non-return valves located in the fluid flow circuit.

  • Positioning - Displacement
  • Pump - motor alignment.
  • Disassembly - bearing replacement
  • Bearing housing inspection and damage detection
pump dismantling
Pump Disassembly - Assembly

We have the experience and equipment to disassemble any type of pump, as well as the appropriate know-how to resolve any type of damage.

In this way we succeed in restoring the correct and long-term operation of your pumps, in fast times and unbeatable quality.

pump sandblasting

We use sandblasting services to correctly and accurately diagnose all damages, as well as to find any cavities or cracks that may be present in the bodies, impellers and other parts of the pump.

pump bush fabrication
Pump Bush Manufacture

We manufacture central shaft retaining and sliding bushes from non-oxidizing construction raw materials, in order to maintain their good condition and the long-term operation of the pump.

mouth rings construction
Mouth Rings Fabrication

We fabricate and place on the bodies of the pump's impeller retaining rings made of phosphor bronze, to restore the correct rotation of the pump.

Main pump shaft construction
Pump Shaft Manufacturing

We manufacture new main pump shafts, giving the appropriate micrometric dimensions needed, to ensure proper adhesion of components to its outer diameters.

In addition, we provide repair services to worn shafts whose wear is within the repair limits.

Mechanical services on pumps
Mechanical Services On Pumps

Through our specialized engineering applications, we provide damage repair services to the pump bodies as well as to other important parts for operation, which are not easy to replace in a short time.

Pump repair services:

  • Guide vane repairs
  • Machining - Repairs of impellers
  • Body Machining - Repairs
coating services on pumps - impeller coating
Pump Coating Services

Through hydrophobic, epoxy coating, we cover and protect the pump components that are in contact with the flowing liquid, achieving:

  • Coverage of cavities in bodies and impellers, significantly extending their lifespan
  • Enhance the efficiency of the pump due to the better adhesion of the liquid inside
pump bearing housing recondition
Bearing Housing Repairs

We locate and repair wear and ovality in bearing housings, by retreading or applying a sleeve, restoring the original dimensions needed for their proper operation.